Episode 15

Published on:

29th Sep 2023

Give and Feel Good! How to give more for less.

It seems like every day we wake up to reminders in the news that the world needs our help. I am always looking for ways to help people reap the benefits of charitable giving.

In this past year, we have supported many worthy causes, through my personal foundation, with the assistance of clients and also in collaboration with Raymond James colleagues, both locally and across Canada.

I’ve published an article on how you can incorporate tax-efficient charitable giving into your personal and estate planning and in todays podcast, I’m delighted to speak with Diana Mao, Associate Vice President, Charitable Giving Program at Solus Trust Company. She works directly with me and my clients to provide planned giving expertise with a focus on strategic charitable giving. Diana is also responsible for leading Raymond James’ client philanthropy program, a donor advised fund program in partnership with Raymond James Canada Foundation.

Diana helps our clients develop their charitable intentions while incorporating tax effective donation strategies as part of an overall wealth plan.

  • How and where people are presently donating their money. [02:45]
  • The giving gap between generations.[04:06]
  • Tax incentives provided to encourage people to make a charitable donation. [07:15]
  • Setting up a personal charitable giving foundation. [10:10]
  • The process and benefits of a personal foundation.[14:02]
  • The feel good side of giving and educational benefits of a family foundation. [17:28]
  • The rules of dispersing funds from the foundation. [20:43]

You can visit Mary's charitable giving foundation page here.

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